Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nautical on the High Street..

Today I ventured out onto the High Street in search of the perfect Nautical look, the High Street nearest me (Kingston) isn't exactly the best but you've gotta work with what you've got..

So basically what I did was scour the biggest names on the High Street and then I created a look based on the Nautical Trend.

1. HM - I really like this look, in fact it might be my favorite purely because of how summery it is. I was immediately drawn to those bright red shorts, and so matched them with an XL stripey cardigan and a beige blazer. It's a typical modern Nautical look but one of the best outcomes I could achieve on the High Street. HM is perfect for nautical style stripey tees and brightly colored shorts, as well as it being a cheaper option.

2. TOPMAN - It's probably the most popular shop on the High Street these days, but I was just so disappointed. I opted for a very simple Nautical look that would make a good base for me to then accessorise over the top but as for the latest TOPMAN stock - unless your shopping in the LTD or more expensive sections - it's pretty slim pickings.

3. River Island - I normally avoid River Island like the plague but to my surprise I did manage to put a quite nice outfit together. I think the trick to River Island is that on their own the pieces are quite dull but when you start layering them all together and thinking outside the box you might be able to surprise yourself.

4. ZARA - Usually one of my favorites amongst the High Street, I wasn't a fan of the latest Nautical themed wears at ZARA. I think a lot of they're new stock is aimed for younger people, however the other, better apparel is taking on the Safari look so I'll bear them in mind when I study that style in the next few weeks.

5. GAP - Second to the HM outfit, this is also one of my favorites. It's an outfit that I would never usually consider, it's a bit too plain and laid back for me, but I think it is a good example of a subtle Nautical outfit. Like the TOPMAN one I think I could jazz it up with pieces from my own wardrobe but still I like the faint pastel colours.

If you see anything you like on here then go and explore the High Street near you, just remember to not be a mannequin but instead put your own spin on the clothing and BE BRAVE!

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