Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Week 1 - Nautical

I think the Nautical trend is a problematic one in that it so simple and timeless yet is can so easily be over done and made to look cheap. All through the high-street every spring we are swamped in stripey t-shirts and gold anchor pendants, but if your going to try and conquer such a recognisable look, first you have to get
the basics down..

(Above - Clement Chabernaud by Glen Luchford for Vogue Hommes International)

When I was racking through my wardrobe today as usual, I started sorting everything out and began to compile a basic skeleton to build a Nautical look up from:

First things first, with the Nautical trend - before adding your own personal touches - it's important to set the base for your outfit that you can then build on. For me I collated up lots of different fabrics and shapes that I can eventually create into a complete look. In my bundle I managed to find a bit of everything and surprisingly a lot of it. But just a stripey jumper and navy shorts isn't enough for me so now I can go on and add my own personal stamp on things.

The Nautical trend is a blessing when it comes to accessorising and putting your own spin on the look. For me I was playing about with socks and sandals and ignoring the fashion faux pas, taking the look that little bit further. Also one of the most important things about Nautical is to be careful when it comes to bejeweling your outfit in sailor memorabilia. The biggest tip I could give is that when choosing your jewels - ALWAYS GO VINTAGE!

That classic Nautical look dates back to the late 19th Century so do it justice and DON'T drown yourself in cheap looking anchors and chains etc. The two pieces I have that I picked out over the rest are both perfect for this style. The first is a antique silver anchor with hearts on which I got from a friend of my nana's, and the second is a vintage pocket watch that my sister bought me from EBay. There is a big difference between antique and high street, not in price but in quality. Go to antique shops and raid the cabinets for a bargain because they are out there and worth that little bit extra.


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