Thursday, 31 March 2011

Nautical Inspired..

Day 48 - With this look I wanted to clash lots of different patterns together. I matched an anchor print Puma tee with a striped hoodie/blazer and a stripey nautical handkerchief.

Day 49 - I went for a much more striking look in this picture. I wore an electric blue shirt and crossed my braces over. It is a much more modern interpretation of the nautical look.

Day 50 - Here I went for a much more laid-back nautical look, including a pink shirt and a plum hoodie to go with the blues and beige shorts. Not all nautical looks have to be focused around navy and blue.

Day 51 - I really love the colours in this outfit. I layered a loose fitting top over my jumper in an attempt to play with layering. I think it works really well.

Day 52 - This is probably my most classically nautical looking outfit. I layered a denim shirt under a striped jumper and then a Ralph Lauren cardigan over the top.

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