Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Week 2 - Elegance

This week I want to look at Elegance and what it means to be Elegant.

The first thing I thought of when taking this style into consideration were the many 1940s dapper gentleman of Hollywood. In a time where a double-breasted suit and a gold pocket watch were essentials, I'm curious as to see if over 60 years later our opinion on what is Elegant is that same or something else.

For me, I like to play with this idea and dress the look up or down. It's not so much a trend as much as Nautical was last week but it is a style that is constantly reinventing itself as each decade rolls by.

So for this week I'm going to be looking at High-Street, Designer Catwalks and of course my own wardrobe...

But before I do anything creative I need to evaluate my wardrobe. I want to create a really diverse set of looks, something for everyone:

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