Thursday, 7 April 2011

Experiments in Elegance

So today I decided to make the most of the sun and create a few summery looks, playing with smart wear.

Day 53 - Here I tucked a blazer into some trousers and then layered a sleeveless leather jacket over the top. I really love the outcome and I think the sunglasses finish it off perfectly. This is a Elegant/Smart look but with more of an edge.

Day 54 - Here I've gone for a much softer look. I've stuck to pastel colours to match the blazer. I love the brown tones because they go so well with silver, especially the silver brooch I attached to the lapel. To complete the look I wore some woven leather sandals.

Day 55 - I got this blazer from a charity shop for £3 and as a blazer I wasn't a big fan, so instead I cut off the arms. I really like this sort of Victorian look and the colour scheme. Then to pull the whole thing together I added an un-tied bow-tie and some argyle socks, keeping the colour scheme consistent.

Day 56 - I really like how I've played with the shape of the blazer in this look. I folded in the lapels and buttoned it up inward, then layered some braces over the top. I think a blazer is such an interesting piece of apparel because it can be worn in so many different ways, you just have to play around and get creative!

Day 57 - I wanted to clash patterns in this look, mixing a tweed blazer with stripey shorts. I think the blues go really well with the browns in the tweed and the fur waistcoat really finishes the look off.

Day 58 - I love that vintage school boy look. Here I matched a vintage school blazer with simple green shorts and simple leather shoes. To mix it up I added a brightly coloured tie and a belted the waist, to play with the shape.

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  1. I found your blog through STYLE magazine - so happy that I did to! It's such a clever idea, and you have such brilliant taste in clothes, I adore all these outfits! Following you, Panda x