Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Well I think it is about time I broke my silence and would like to say that if you have been following so far then thank you very much! :)

On here I’ve been thinking and I want to add more actual details on fashion etc blah blah. The whole reason I started this blog in the first place was to create a blog about fashion, all from my perspective. If you don’t know me I’m a student living in London with a budget to match, so charity shops, thrift shops and basically anywhere were I can get stuck in and find a bargain is where I usually am. I’d say about half if not more of my wardrobe is from these places and, if you have seen my pictures over the past few weeks, I firmly think that you can be fashionable with a tiny budget.

So yeah, I’ll be updating everyday as usual, but every so often I would like to add pieces on styling, catwalk, haberdashery and just general bargain hunting goodness. I don’t fully follow trends but I’m planning on also doing a full run-through of all the seasons, using inspiration from designers as well as street fashion.

So if you brimming with intrigue as I’m sure you are, then follow or message me or comment or whatever you’re into, and get back to me.

Big Love to all and I’ll see you tomorrow

Calum x

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